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Hot World Cup player of the day: Fernando Torres (Spain)

24 Jun

Photo: Henry Romero/Reuters via Swagger New York

Well, Spain played their last match of the World Cup Monday. It’s sad to see them eliminated so soon, but I hope to see them come back stronger for the Euro 2016 qualifiers, maybe with some fresh blood. Hard to believe el niño Fernando Torres is already 30 years old. But although our boys had already been eliminated, they manage to redeem themselves somewhat against Australia, winning 3-o. In his last international match (sniff), David Villa scored the first. The lovely Chelsea striker Torres scored the second, and Juan Mata (who at 26 still has some years left for Spain) scored the third. And as an extra treat, Torres got his jersey torn and had to change it. Yum.


Hot Euro player of the day: Iker Casillas (Spain)

2 Jul

Photo: Iker Casillas’s own Facebook page. This is why we love him.

Other people who have been following the Euro Cup seem to think that Spain’s team is all about Andrés Iniesta. Iniesta is an incredible player, and totally deserved to be named Best Player of the Tournament. However, I felt that those less familiar with Spain weren’t giving enough credit to the rest of the team. Little Jordi Alba scored his first ever goal for Spain in yesterday’s final, but more importantly, has come into his own as a great defender. Fernando Torres has gone from a dismal season at Chelsea to winning the Golden Boot (which stunned even me) thanks to his goal in the final. In fact, ten Spanish players were included in UEFA’s 23-man Team of the Tournament.

So when the crowd at the Spanish Club were I was watching the final chanted, “Iker! Iker! Iker!” every time Casillas made a save, I felt right in my element. It was good to be around people who realize just how special our captain is. And since his three international tournaments as captain have also been the three consecutive ones that Spain has won (the first team in history to do so), it would be very hard to imagine victory without him. And he totally deserves a whole gallery.

Hot Euro player of the day: Cesc Fàbregas (Spain)

27 Jun

Photo: Getty via Daylife

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the winning goal in a penalty shootout is no more important than the others. But Cesc scoring that last goal was just plain hot. That’s all I have to say.

Hot Euro player of the day: Sergio Ramos (Spain)

23 Jun

Photo: Getty via Daylife

Well, Xabi Alonso made his 100th appearance for Spain and got both goals in the quarter-final against France. But since he was just featured, we’ll go with Sergio (who never needs a reason). But I do love that he’s finally cut his hair. And there’s always this:

Photo: AP via Daylife

(I love you too, Álvaro.)

Hot Euro player of the day: Xabi Alonso (Spain)

18 Jun

Photo: Getty via Daylife

Just because he’s Xabi. And congrats to Spain on making it to the quarter-finals (thanks to Navas and Casillas – that was a close one)! I’m too hot to write anything else.

Hot Euro player of the day: Fernando Torres (Spain)

14 Jun

Photo: Getty via UEFA

At 28, El Niño Torres isn’t such a kid anymore. But those puppy-dog eyes! Those rosy cheeks! Those FRECKLES! Although he has (let’s face it) sucked for a while now, I have to believe in him (since David Villa is still recovering from a broken leg). And miraculously, Nando scored two goals today! Mind you, it was against Ireland. Spain won 4-0, the other goals being from Silva and Cesc.


9 Jun

Photo via El País

El País has put together a lovely  “Who’s who” game just for people like me! Match the Spanish NT players to their childhood photos! The game site is in Spanish, but I’m sure you can figure it out. I got 20 out of 24 – how many can you get?