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Hot World Cup players: Days 13-16

4 Jul

So I’m waaay behind, but I haven’t given up! Here’s a roundup for the rest of the group stage:

Day 13: Didier Drogba (Côte d’Ivoire)

Photo via Seneweb News

Age: 36

Club: Galatasaray

Position: Striker

Score: Greece 2 – Côte d’Ivoire 1

Day 14: Morgan Schneiderlin (France)

Photo: Getty Images

Age: 24

Club: Southampton

Position: Midfielder

Score: France 0 – Ecuador 0

Day 15: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Photo: Adam Pretty/Getty Images South America via Zimbio

Age: 29

Club: Real Madrid

Position: Striker

Score: Portugal 2 – Ghana 1 (He finally scored a goal.)

Day 16: Glen Johnson (England)

Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images South America via Zimbio

Age: 29

Club: Liverpool

Position: Right back

There were no matches on Day 16, and England didn’t make it past the group stage 😦


Photo: Iker and Doce

4 Oct

Photo via Facebook

I want to marry this picture.

Hot La Liga player of the day: Víctor Pérez (Valladolid)

27 Aug

Photo: AS via Foot Espagnol

Newly-promoted Real Valladolid slid into second place (just behind Barcelona) after 24-year-old midfielder Víctor Pérez Alonso scored a brace against Levante. Both were penalties, so it looks like this Albacete native can perform under pressure.

Cristiano Ronaldo reacts

27 Jun

Photo: Getty via Daylife

I know it hurts. But now you get some time off to work on that tan, which really isn’t up to your usual summer standard.


Photo: Getty via Daylife

Cristiano Ronaldo reacts

13 Jun

Photo: Getty via Daylife

C-Ron celebrates Portugal’s 3-2 victory over Denmark! (None of the three goals were his.)

Cristiano Ronaldo reacts

9 Jun

Photo: Getty via Daylife

It never gets old. Also, nipples.


9 Jun

Photo via El País

El País has put together a lovely  “Who’s who” game just for people like me! Match the Spanish NT players to their childhood photos! The game site is in Spanish, but I’m sure you can figure it out. I got 20 out of 24 – how many can you get?