LAST weekend’s results

20 Feb

So, I was going to post this a while ago, but it took longer than I thought.

It was one crazy jornada in La Liga last weekend, full of upsets, surprises, and matches that were exciting from beginning to end.


Christian Fernández scores Racing's first goal against Sevilla. Photo: Reuters via Daylife

Atlético Madrid 1 (Reyes) – Valencia 2 (Joaquín 2)

José Antonio Reyes opened the match with a goal against fourth-ranked Valencia, but Joaquín tied it shortly before the half, then scored the winning goal in the 86th minute. Atlético’s Diego Godín was sent off shortly after for a (probably accidental) elbow to Joaquín’s head. Valencia moves up to third place, while Atlético drops to 10th.

Sporting de Gijón 1 (Barral) – Barcelona 1 (Villa)

The underdogs opened the scoring again, with Sporting’s David Barral getting a goal in the 17th minute. Barcelona dominated possession and both sides had a few good chances on goal, but it wasn’t until the final minutes that David Villa managed to score the equalizer. The draw may be disappointing for Barça fans, but it’s great news for second-place Real Madrid, who need every opportunity to catch up to the leaders.

Racing de Santander 3 (Christian, Rakitic OG, Arana) – Sevilla 2 (Fazio, Luis Fabiano penalty)

Newly reinstated Racing manager Marcelino looked adorable in a hooded duffel coat and showing his unabashed joy at seeing his team do so well. Racing hottie Christian Fernández scored the first goal (only to receive a straight red before the half). Ivan Rakitic back-kicked the ball into his own net five minutes later, putting the underdogs up to 2-0. Sevilla managed to stage a comeback just after Fernández was sent off, with hottie of the day Federico Fazio scoring a header. In the second half, Luis Fabiano tied the game with a penalty goal (to make up for Negredo’s missed one in the first half), only to be stymied by Manuel Arana earning the winning goal for Racing in stoppage time. Way to go, verdiblancos!


Yes, that red card is directed at Iker Casillas. Photo: AS

Levante 1 (Caicedo) – Almería 0

Not too many surprises here for a change, as the teams are pretty evenly matched near the bottom of the league. Felipe Caicedo’s goal at the beginning of the second half was lovely, though.

Málaga 2 (Baptista penalty, Rondón) – Getafe 2 (Miku, Colunga)

Málaga keeper Arnau gave a dismal performance as Getafe scored two goals in the first half hour. Miraculously for Málaga, a penalty goal from Baptista and a last-second goal from Rondón managed to tie the match in the second half.

Real Sociedad 1 (Tamudo) – Osasuna 0

Pretty straightforward here. Home side Real Sociedad are the better team and deserved to win with Tamudo’s goal in the second half. With not a single away win this season, Osasuna manager José Antonio Camacho has been fired and replaced with José Luís Mendilibar.

Hércules 2 (Farinós, Trezeguet) – Zaragoza 1 (Braulio)

Zaragoza surprised the home side three minutes into the match with a header from Braulio. The rest of the first half was completely uneventful, but Hércules managed to come back at the end with a pair of goals from Francisco Farinós and David Trezeguet.

Deportivo 1 (Lopo) – Villarreal 0

Another shocker here, with 17th-place Deportivo La Coruña upsetting third-place Villarreal. Depor defender Alberto Lopo was the hero of the hour, scoring the only goal of the match. Villarreal slips to fourth place, and Deportivo climbs to 14th.

Espanyol 0 – Real Madrid 1 (Marcelo)

You might think from the score that this was another pretty standard match. You would be wrong. Less than two minutes in, saintly Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas was sent off for a challenge on José Callejón. I’m not going to pass judgment on the call (you can judge for yourself here), but I was astounded to see Iker getting a red. It’s rare for goalkeepers to be sent off at all, but Casillas is a particularly peaceful one, so it was especially surreal to see him trudging off the pitch. Still, he was classy enough to accept the decision and was sitting in the stands minutes later in a suit and tie.

With their star keeper replaced with third-choice Antonio Adán and down to ten men for essentially the entire match (not to mention the psychological effect of the shock), the visitors were suddenly facing a big challenge in front of a lively Espanyol crowd. Adán played wonderfully though despite the enormous pressure, and a goal from Marcelo in the 24th minute helped ease the tension for Madrid. Marcelo, Adebayor and Cristiano had several more chances on goal, but Espanyol keeper Idriss Kameni was phenomenal and blocked all further attempts by los blancos. Still, Madrid came away with their three points, and slowly creep up to rivals Barcelona.


Mallorca 1 (Webó) – Athletic Bilbao 0

One more upset to finish off the jornada. Webó scored only 10 minutes into the match, and Athletic were unable to respond.


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