Thursday results

23 Sep

Photo: Getty Images via Daylife

Sevilla 1 (Negredo penalty) – Racing 1 (Pinillos). Álvaro Negredo scored an early penalty for Sevilla, but the higher-ranked home team struggled to stay ahead. Racing defender Pablo Pinillos scored shortly after the break (have I mentioned that I love it when defenders score?) and Sevilla couldn’t regain their lead. A disappointing draw for Sevilla, but a valuable point for Racing.

Villarreal 1 (Nilmar) – Deportivo 0. Villarreal were by far the better team, but only came away with a single goal by Brazilian cutie Nilmar.

Getafe 0 – Málaga 2 (Rondón, Apoño). Big upset for Málaga, with Rondón and Apoño scoring successive goals in the second half. Both teams were a player short by the end of the match, with Rafa and Jesús Gámez.

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