Saturday results

19 Sep


Real Madrid 2 – Real Sociedad 1

Ángel di María celebrates his first league goal for Real Madrid with fellow Argentine Gonzalo Higuaín. Photo: AP Photo via Daylife

Real Madrid travelled to San Sebastian today to face Xabi Alonso’s home team, Real Sociedad. The home team’s 19-year-old striker, Antoine Griezmann, played very well in the first half, but failed to score. It wasn’t until the second half that Real Madrid’s Ángel di María scored the first goal of the match, using his weaker right foot to shoot into the top corner of the net. Di María‘s not going to make Hot Player of the Day anytime soon, but I’m happy he got this goal. He’s a promising young player but has had a rough start to the season, so let’s hope this puts him back on track. Real Sociedad responded eleven minutes later when Raúl Tamudo bumped in a Griezmann free kick with his thigh. Then Cristiano Ronaldo finally got his break when his free kick deflected of Pepe and landed in the top corner of the net. It was a lucky goal, and was technically Pepe’s, but it may signal the end of Cristiano’s extended drought.

Espanyol 1 (Callejón) – Almería 0. The first half was just messy football, but José María Callejón’s goal early in the first half inspired Espanyol and woke up Almería. There would be no other goals in the match, but the game looked better from then on.

Mallorca 2 (Castro penalty, De Guzmán) – Osasuna 0. Mallorca was awarded a penalty shot in the 25th minute after a Miguel Flano handball, and Gonzalo Castro’s shot was spot-on, giving Mallorca their first goal of the season. Toronto native Jonathan De Guzmán topped it off for Mallorca in the last minute of stoppage time.

Sporting 2 (De Las Cuevas, Sangoy) – Athletic Bilbao 2 (Gurpegi, Llorente). Athletic Bilbao looked mighty fine in their away navy blue. Sporting played a great game and were leading 2-0 by the 23rd minute. Bilbao’s Gurpegi responded a few minutes later when he headed a Javi Martínez pass into the net. Our boy Llorente saved Athletic from a loss with another header in the second half.

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