Hot La Liga manager of the day: Pep Guardiola (Barcelona)

14 Sep

Image: Getty Images Europe via Zimbio

One of these days I’m going to do a feature on the managers of La Liga, who are a good-looking bunch in general. But I woke up today in a Pep kind of mood, and thought I might feature him early. When I saw that he wasn’t wearing one of his short-sleeved shirts and had shaved properly for Barcelona’s match against Panathinaikos today, I was convinced.

It’s not like Josep Guardiola i Sala is particularly old. At 39, he was born the same year as Osasuna goalkeeper Ricardo (who is admittedly old to still be playing, even for a goalkeeper), and if Zidane can still bring the sexy, so can he. It’s not like those puppy brown eyes and fantastic dimpled chin are going anywhere. He played for Barcelona himself for a number of years, and once even had hair. Convinced?


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