Saturday results

11 Sep

Hércules 2 Barcelona 0

Image: Reuters via Daylife

Yes, you read that right. In a fascinating match at Camp Nou, newly-promoted Hércules defeated defending champs Barcelona 2-0, despite only having about 20% possession. Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez scored both goals for the visitors. Barcelona had a number of chances, but just wasn’t playing at full potential. Hércules, on the other hand, proved they deserve to be in the first division, with exceptional performances by Valdez and goalkeeper Juan Calatayud. Calatayud and Piqué suffered a nasty collision (warning: there is quite a lot of blood) during the second half, but Calatayud came out no worse for wear, and Piqué (trooper that he is), returned to the pitch with a bandaged head and fresh shirt. Bless.

Osasuna 0 Real Madrid 1

Cristiano Ronaldo misses yet another shot. Image: AP Photo via Daylife

After a decidedly unthrilling first half, Real Madrid’s first goal of the season was scored by defender Ricardo Carvalho, strangely enough. Strikers Gonzalo Higuaín and Cristiano Ronaldo are still not performing (Cristiano’s shots were waaaay off), and Osasuna’s Ricardo displayed some superb goalkeeping. Mesut Özil seems to be settling in at his new club though, and played some lovely football for Real Madrid. Today’s win was good for Real Madrid, but it was harder than it should have been.

The rest

Diego Forlán (R) battles with fantastically-named young 'un Ustaritz Aldekoaotalora. Image: AP Photo via Daylife.

Atlético Madrid 2 (Forlán, Tiago) – Athletic Bilbao 1 (Llorente). Kun Agüero out with knee injury; expected to miss at least two games.

Racing 0 – Valencia 1 (Maduro). Hang in there, Racing.


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