For the true supporter: the best La Liga merchandise

6 Sep

Gonzalo and I are fairly frugal. He owns a handful of Real Madrid memorabilia, most of which were received as gifts or free. Possibly the only item he actually paid for is a tuque (or beanie for you non-Canadians), which was a very wise investment, considering the severity of Canadian winters. Anyway, for the less thrifty supporters of La Liga clubs, here are some of the more unique items offered in the online stores.

As the richest club in the world, Real Madrid has an extensive online store, with some of the most interesting products. For the female madridista, there’s this sexy lingerie set, featuring the Real Madrid crest:

Tienda Real Madrid

For the domestically inclined, how about this kitchen robot? Robot de cocina usually means food processor or mixer, but this is so much more. It appears to be some kind of magical slow-cooker. A Real Madrid magical slow-cooker. And the most expensive item? From the international shop, this titanium gold pendant with genuine diamonds and sapphires, for a mere £2,269.99 (about $3600 CDN).

FC Barcelona, on the other hand, has a pretty tame (but nice) selection in comparison. The most interesting thing I could find is this box of Barcelona bandages. Even the Japanese site is disappointing, though you can get a giant Puyol doll:

And who wouldn’t want one of those?

As for the other clubs, you can get a Sevilla mattress, My First Valencianista ABC’s, an Espanyol cigar cutter, or a Sporting de Gijón isidrín (cider pump). And Athletic Bilbao seems to be the only club to have discovered throwback jerseys (modeled here by the lovely Fernando Llorente).

I might steal Gonzalo’s Real Madrid bufanda (scarf) when we’re in Madrid next month, but that’s about it. Unless I can find that lingerie set in my size.


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