Hot World Cup players: Round of 16 (Days 17-20)

5 Jul

Day 17: Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)

Photo: AFP via FIFA

Age: 27

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Position: Striker

Score: Colombia 2 – Uruguay 0

Day 18: Orestis Karnezis (Greece)

Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio

Age: 28

Club: Granada

Position: Goalkeeper

Score: Costa Rica 1 – Greece 1 (Costa Rica won in penalties, and the poor guy didn’t stop a single one. But he had a pretty good tournament otherwise.)

Day 19: Faouzi Ghoulam (Algeria)

Age: 23

Club: Napoli

Position: Defender

Score: Germany 2 – Algeria 1

Day 20: Tim Howard


Photo: PETA

Age: 35

Club: Everton

Position: Goalkeeper

Score: Belgium 2 – USA 1. But see below!

He has a killer body, lots of tattoos, isn’t afraid to get naked, and is badass in all the right ways. But this is really what does it for me:

Source: Paddy Power Blog

That’s a record 16 saves in a World Cup match. Just plain hot.


Hot World Cup players: Days 13-16

4 Jul

So I’m waaay behind, but I haven’t given up! Here’s a roundup for the rest of the group stage:

Day 13: Didier Drogba (Côte d’Ivoire)

Photo via Seneweb News

Age: 36

Club: Galatasaray

Position: Striker

Score: Greece 2 – Côte d’Ivoire 1

Day 14: Morgan Schneiderlin (France)

Photo: Getty Images

Age: 24

Club: Southampton

Position: Midfielder

Score: France 0 – Ecuador 0

Day 15: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Photo: Adam Pretty/Getty Images South America via Zimbio

Age: 29

Club: Real Madrid

Position: Striker

Score: Portugal 2 – Ghana 1 (He finally scored a goal.)

Day 16: Glen Johnson (England)

Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images South America via Zimbio

Age: 29

Club: Liverpool

Position: Right back

There were no matches on Day 16, and England didn’t make it past the group stage 😦

Hot World Cup player of the day: Fernando Torres (Spain)

24 Jun

Photo: Henry Romero/Reuters via Swagger New York

Well, Spain played their last match of the World Cup Monday. It’s sad to see them eliminated so soon, but I hope to see them come back stronger for the Euro 2016 qualifiers, maybe with some fresh blood. Hard to believe el niño Fernando Torres is already 30 years old. But although our boys had already been eliminated, they manage to redeem themselves somewhat against Australia, winning 3-o. In his last international match (sniff), David Villa scored the first. The lovely Chelsea striker Torres scored the second, and Juan Mata (who at 26 still has some years left for Spain) scored the third. And as an extra treat, Torres got his jersey torn and had to change it. Yum.

Hot World Cup player of the day: Axel Witsel (Belgium)

24 Jun

Photo via Airmagazine

I’m falling behind again! 25-year-old midfielder Axel Witsel may not have been the star of Belgium’s 1-0 victory over Russia on Sunday, but he played well, with accurate passing. And the Zenit Saint Petersburg player’s pale blue eyes, fine features, and killer body make him a perfect candidate for hot player of the day!



Hot World Cup player of the day: Toni Šunjić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

22 Jun

Photo via UOL

You’ve never heard of Toni Šunjić. He plays for Zorya Luhansk, which placed 7th in the Ukrainian Premier League last season. Saturday’s match against Nigeria was the most important one the 25-year-old centre-back has played in his life (the only other competitive match he’s played for his home country was a qualifier against Liechtenstein). And he performed remarkably well, holding off the Nigerian offense for all but a single goal. Unfortunately, that one goal means the end of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s very first World Cup, but they seem to be on the rise. So best of luck to them in the Euro 2016 qualifiers!


Hot World Cup player of the day: Claudio Marchisio (Italy)

22 Jun

Photo: FIGC via

Claudio Marchisio didn’t have the greatest game Friday (Italy lost 0-1 to Cinderella team Costa Rica), but he’s so beautiful that I had to feature him feature him for Day 9. Actually, the Juventus midfielder performed much better in Italy’s first game of the tournament, when he scored his first-ever World Cup goal. And although I thought I’d show you how nice 28-year-old Marchisio looks in a suit, there’s always this picture too (also Dolce & Gabbana)!

Hot World Cup player of the day: James Rodríguez (Colombia)

20 Jun

Photo: James Rodriguez Oficial on Facebook

Colombian superstar Falcao might be missing the World Cup due to injury, but there’s still James. Only 22, he’s already scored two World Cup goals in two matches, and been named Man of the Match on both occasions, including yesterday’s 2-1 defeat over Côte d’Ivoire. The young attacking midfielder had an impressive first season with AS Monaco, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty more of him.